Best practics
Cancer will be cured – a RUDN University medical resident about the experimental therapies of renal tumor
The first slammer in RUDN University history, Ivad Taraki has become the winner of the scientific show Science Slam. The resident medical practitioner of the Department of Urology and Surgical Renal Medicine with the course of oncourology of the Institute of Medicine of RUDN University speaks about the renal cancer therapies.
5G or how the objects can «communicate» with each other
You are still sleeping and the coffee machine is already making coffee for you. While you are working the fridge orders all the necessary food in a shop. Now it sounds fantastic but it’s our future. The wireless networks of the fifth generation will allow us to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet of Things. Irina Gudkova, the Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics of RUDN University, has become a laureate of the Prize to Young Scientists awarded by the Government of Moscow for developing a complex of probability models of control schemes for radio resources of the next-generation wireless networks. She told us about the innovative project and some problems.
Full-employment Ph.D. program – research, hobby and work
A first-year Ph.D. student at the V. Frolov Department of General Pathology and Pathophysiology of the RUDN Institute of Medicine Anna Bryk talks about passing a competition for admission to the Full-employment Ph.D. program, engaging in an interesting research and receiving an addition of 45 thousand rubles to the basic stipend. The topic of her research is "Impact of Altered Light Regime on the State of Cardiovascular System Chronostructure in Essential Arterial Hypertension."